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Just take a look it's amazing. We bet you don't know ALL of them.

FEBRUARY: Congratulation to our student.

We would like to congratulate Eva on her scholarship! She will be starting in a few weeks


Open your eyes to reality

According to the article communicating in foreign languages is one of the weak points of our students and future workers, as well as motivation. Whilst these aren't good news, it reinforces our point of view and aim to work in the multililingual project to prepare students for the labour market with good communication skills.



EUSTAT - Basque Institute of Statistics

You can find some didactic units in English, as well as in Basque and Spanish for secondary school students in the following link.


FEBRUARY: Congratulations to our student!

Congratulations to Eva on her new challenge! She will be starting in a few weeks working part time in GAZE.


JANUARY 2010: 24th,25th and 26th of March Virtual Trade Fair in PRAGUE

This March we are heading off to Prague with our students to take part in a Virtual Trade Fair. The students´ aim is to extend our school´s network by sharing their experiences with like-minded business students from all over Europe. We, like the other virtual companies, shall be selling our product, and our students shall be putting into practice their theoretical knowledge in business, marketing and their communication skills. This shall be a great challenge for them and for us, a fantastic opportunity to evaluate their progress and the progress of our project.


DECEMBER 2009: New partnership. Comenius Preparatory Visit

The second week of December we travelled to Stuttgart (Germany) to meet up with other teachers from Poland, Latvia, Norway, Britain and Germany itself. The aim of this meeting was to prepare a project in which all of our respective students can work together, communicating between their schools, discussing job opportunities, entrepreneurship, and leadership around Europe.

It was a fantastic opportunity to expand our school´s network and make some great contacts with like-minded teachers.